Operations and Management

Research Projects:

  1. 1. Models for Dynamic Collaborative Decision Making and Data Sharing at Airports: Denver International Airport (DEN) Case Study
  2. Tradable Departure Credits: an Alternative Approach towards Congestion Management and Slot Control
  3. Designing Airport Security for Post 9/11 World : Case Study for BOS
  4. Mobile Gates and Efficient Boarding Methods: SFO Case Study
  5. Policies and Incentives to Improve Airline Participation in Collaborative Gate Allocation
  6. Boston Logan International Airport: Airbus 380 Gate Design and Capacity Analysis
  7. Airport Collaborative Gate Allocation Concept
  8. Lake Michigan Airport: A Feasibility Study
  9. Portland Master Plan Update 2035: Capacity
  10. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Ground Access System Design
  11. LAX Midfield Satellite Terminal Design: Impacts on Landside
  12. LAX Gate Simulation & Alternatives Development
  13. LAX Capacity Enhancement
  14. Increasing Terminal Capacity at San Francisco International Airport – Alternatives and Impacts on Land Use with a focus on Gate Sharing
  15. Investigating Unscheduled Outages in National Airspace System Equipment
  16. Airline On-time Performances Using PDARS and Design of Gate Layout Configurations
  17. Statistical Analysis of On-Time Performance using PDARS – Case Study : San Francisco International Airport
  18. Aggregate and Disaggregate Modeling of Airport Operations with Localizer Outages: Analysis of Runway Configuration Transitions and Traffic Redistributions
  19. Impact of September 11 Events on International Airport Investments
  20. Impact of Aircraft Sizing and Fleet Mix Trends on Airport Design and Gate Modeling

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